like1 W1S1 [laık] prep
2 what is somebody/something like?
5 like this/that/so
6 just like that
7 something like
8 nothing like
9 there's nothing like
10 more like
11 that's more like it/this is more like it
12 more like it
13 what are you like!
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: LIKE6]
1.) ¦(SIMILAR)¦
similar to something else, or happening in the same way
Her hair is dark brown like mine.
A club should be like a big family.
He eats like a pig!
look/sound/feel/taste/seem like
The garden looked like a jungle.
At last he felt like a real soldier.
My experience is very much like that described in the book.
He's very like his brother.
Sometimes you sound just like (=exactly like) my mum!
He's growing more like his father every day.
He looked nothing like (=not at all like) the man in the police photograph.
see usage noteas1
2.) what is sb/sth like?
spoken used when asking someone to describe or give their opinion of a person or thing
What's their house like inside?
What are Dan's parents like?
3.) ¦(EXAMPLE)¦
for example
Things like glass, paper, and plastic can all be recycled.
Try to avoid fatty foods like cakes and biscuits.
4.) ¦(TYPICAL)¦
typical of a particular person
be like sb to do sth
It's not like Steven to be late.
It's just like her to run away from her responsibilities!
5.) like this/that/so
spoken used when you are showing someone how to do something
You have to fold the corners back, like so.
6.) just like that informal
if you do something just like that, you do it without thinking about it or planning it carefully
You can't give up your job just like that!
7.) sth like
not much more or less than a particular amount
= ↑about
The machinery alone will cost something like thirty thousand pounds.
He's scored something like 60 goals this season.
8.) nothing like
BrE not at all
Twenty years ago travel was nothing like as easy as it is now.
This will be nothing like enough money.
9.) there's nothing like
used to say that a particular thing is very enjoyable
There's nothing like a nice cup of tea!
10.) more like
used when giving an amount or number that you think is closer to being right than one that has been mentioned
The builders say they'll be finished in three months, but I think it'll be more like six.
11.) that's more like it/this is more like it
spoken used to say that something is better, more correct, or more enjoyable than something else
That gives us a total of 52 - that's more like it.
She sat down by the pool and took a sip of her wine. 'This is more like it,' she said.
12.) more like it
BrE spoken used when you want to change something that has been said, to make it more true
'Poor David,' she said. 'Poor Harriet, more like it!'
13.) what are you like!
BrE spoken informal used in a joking, friendly way, when you are surprised by what someone has just said or done
'I think she's a lovely lady.' 'What are you like!'
like 2
like2 W1S1 v [T not usually in progressive]
1¦(think something is nice)¦
2¦(like a person)¦
3¦(approve of something)¦
4¦( do something regularly)¦
6 whatever/wherever/anything etc you like
7 as long as you like/as much as you like etc
8 (whether you) like it or not
9 I'd like to think/believe (that)
10 if you like
12 I'd like to see you/him do something
13 how would you like something?
14 I like that!
15 like it or lump it
[: Old English; Origin: lician]
to enjoy something or think that it is nice or good
≠ ↑dislike
I like your jacket.
I don't really like classical music.
Do you like this colour?
I like my coffee quite weak.
I don't like it when you get angry.
How do you like living in London (=how much do you like it) ?
like doing sth
I don't like talking in public.
like to do sth
I like to see people enjoying themselves.
In time, I got to like her (=began to like her) .
I quite like their new album.
We really liked the film.
The time I like best (=like most of all) is the evening when it's cool.
like sth about sb/sth
One of the things I like about John is his sense of humour.
I didn't like the idea of being a single parent.
to think that someone is nice or enjoy being with them
Jessica's really nice, but I don't like her boyfriend.
You'll like my brother.
I really like Sam.
She's a lovely girl and I like her very much .
to approve of something and think that it is good or right
I don't like dishonesty.
I don't like the way he shouts at the children.
like doing sth
He's never liked talking about people behind their backs.
like sb doing sth
I don't like him taking all the credit when he didn't do any of the work.
like to do sth
She doesn't like to swear in front of the children.
to try to do something regularly or make something happen regularly
like to do sth
I like to get up early and get a bit of work done before breakfast.
like sb to do sth
We like our students to take part in college sports activities.
5.) ¦(WANT)¦
would like
a) used to say that you want something or want to do something
I'd like a cheeseburger, please.
would like to do sth
I'd like to see that film.
There's something I'd like to tell you.
I'd like to apologize for my behaviour yesterday.
I'd just like to say how grateful we are for your help.
would like sb to do sth
He would like us all to be at the meeting.
b) used to ask someone if they want something or want to do something
Would you like a drink?
What would you like to eat?
Contact our office if you would like more information.
would sb like to do sth
Would you like to come with us?
How would you like (=would you like) to spend the summer in Italy?
would sb like sb to do sth
Would you like me to pick you up in the morning?
see usage notewish1
6.) whatever/wherever/anything etc you like
whatever thing you want, in whatever place you want etc
You can sit wherever you like.
You can choose anything you like from the menu.
7.) as long as you like/as much as you like etc
as long, as much etc as you want
You know you're welcome to stay with us as long as you like.
Take as many as you like.
8.) (whether you) like it or not
used to emphasize that something unpleasant is true or will happen and cannot be changed
Like it or not, people are often judged by their appearance.
9.) I'd like to think/believe (that)
used to say that you wish or hope something is true, when you are not sure that it is
I'd like to think that we offer an excellent service.
I would like to believe that the company can be successful in the future.
10.) spoken if you likeBrE
a) used to suggest or offer something to someone
I can give you her phone number, if you like.
If you like, I could go with you.
b) used to agree to something, even if it is not really what you want yourself
'Shall we get a takeaway on the way home?' 'If you like.'
c) used to suggest one possible way of describing something or someone
We don't have a proper agreement, but we have an informal understanding, if you like.
11.) spoken ¦(ROMANTIC)¦
to think someone is sexually attractive
Do you think Alex likes me?
12.) spoken I'd like to see you/him do sth
used to say that you do not believe someone can do something
I'd like to see you organize a conference!
13.) spoken how would you like sth?
used to ask someone to imagine how they would feel if something bad happened to them instead of to you or someone else
How would you like being left alone for hours in a strange place?
How would you like it if someone treated you in that way?
14.) spoken I like that!
BrE used to say that what someone has said or done is rude and unfair
I like that! She didn't even say thank you!
15.) spoken like it or lump it
used to say that someone must accept a situation or decision they do not like because it cannot be changed
like 3
like3 n
[Sense: 1; Date: 1800-1900; Origin: LIKE2]
[Sense: 2-3, 5; Date: 1200-1300; Origin: LIKE6]
1.) sb's likes and dislikes
the things that someone likes and does not like
We all have our own likes and dislikes when it comes to food.
2.) and the like/and such like
and similar things
Soldiers, policemen, and the like were all called in to help with the emergency.
They believe that the government does not spend enough money on health, education, and such like.
3.) the likes of sb/sth
a) used to talk about someone you do not like or do not approve of
I don't want you spending time with the likes of him.
b) used to talk about people of a particular type
Information is collected through the likes of the FBI, CIA, and Scotland Yard.
4.) the like of sb/sth also sb's/sth's like
formal something similar to someone or a particular person or thing, or of equal importance or value
This will be a show the like of which has never been seen before.
The man was a genius. We shall not see his like again.
like 4
like4 S1 adv spoken
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: LIKE1]
1.) used in speech to fill a pause while you are thinking what to say next
The water was, like, really cold.
I was just, like, standing there.
2.) I'm/he's/she's like...
a) used to tell the exact words someone used
I asked Dave if he wanted to go, and he's like, no way!
b) used to describe an event, feeling, or person, when it is difficult to describe or when you use a noise instead of words
She was like, huh? (=she did not understand)
3.) as like as not/like enough
BrE probably
The ambulance will be too late, as like as not.
like 5
like5 S1 conj
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: LIKE1]
1.) in the same way as. Some people consider this use to be incorrect
No one else can score goals like he can!
Don't talk to me like you talk to a child.
2.) like I say/said
spoken used when you are repeating something that you have already said
Like I said, I don't mind helping out on the day.
I'm sorry, but, like I say, she's not here at the moment.
3.) informal as if. Some people think that this use is not correct English
He looked at me like I was mad.
It looks like it's going to rain.
This meat smells like it's gone bad.
like 6
like6 W3S1 adj [only before noun] formal
[: Old English; Origin: gelic]
1.) similar in some way
The second dispute was sorted out in a like manner.
They get on well together because they are of like mind .
Try to buy two fish of like size .
2.) be like to do sth
old use to be likely to do something

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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